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Sugarcane Bagasse Clamshell Takeaway Burger Boxes, 14x6 inch, 48oz / 1500ml

Sugarcane Bagasse Clamshell Takeaway Burger Boxes, 14x6 inch, 48oz / 1500ml

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DURABLE and RELIABLE - Our sugarcane bagasse clamshells are crafted with PREMIUM QUALITY materials, ensuring they remain sturdy and dependable even under heavy loads. With their reliable strength, you can confidently hold your food with one hand, regardless of the type - hot, cold, dry, wet, sticky, sweet, or spicy!

ECO-FRIENDLY and NATURAL - Embrace a GIFT FROM NATURE with SUSTPAK Green biodegradable takeaway containers. Made entirely from sugarcane pulp, these containers are 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals, offering you a safer and more sustainable option for your food packaging needs.

CHOOSE A GREENER ALTERNATIVE - Say goodbye to harmful plastic and polystyrene food containers! Our eco-disposable containers are fully BIODEGRADABLE, making them a responsible and eco-conscious choice to help protect the environment.

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE - SUSTPAK disposable burger boxes are not only COMPOSTABLE but also BIODEGRADABLE, ensuring they can be easily and safely disposed of without leaving a negative impact on the planet.

ECO PARTY SUPPLIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Beyond containers, SUSTPAK offers a comprehensive range of ECO-FRIENDLY PARTY SUPPLIES. From disposable plates and cutlery sets to biodegradable straws, wooden cutlery sets, and more, we are your one-stop shop for sustainable and guilt-free celebration

 Product Dimensions Weight: 47g
Length: 318mm
Width: 156mm
Height: 70mm
Color White/Original
Item Per Pack 50
Packs Per Box 4
Box Count 200
Box Dimensions Weight: 7.5kg
Length: 330mm
Width: 315mm
Height: 375mm
Volume Weight 0.04cube
Boxes on 40HQ 1744
Boxes on 20GP 718
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  • Say goodbye to disposable food containers – we have carefully designed this biodegradable and eco-friendly meal box for restaurants and grocery stores!

  • It not only protects the environment but also caters to various needs such as restaurant takeout, picnics, and deliveries. Whether you encounter liquids or require refrigeration or heating!

  • Compared to traditional plastic products, the use of sugarcane pulp material is not only eco-friendly but also retains a natural texture that feels incredibly comfortable.